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IT Assessment

Network Assessment

Wrap Text around Image WTCG’s Technical Assessment analysis, performed by myself and a few other expert information systems technicians, is designed to deliver a comprehensive assessment of all IT services, systems and processes. The resulting analysis document gives a complete view of how the IT infrastructure supports key business operations. The IT analysis can then be utilized to provide concrete IT solutions to address your business issues and reduce your risks.

I analyze:

  • General IT Assessment and Overview
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Printers
  • Server Dynamics
  • PC/Mobile/PDA
  • Applications
  • Telephony

Why Perform a Technical Assessment?

Technical assessments provide awareness of hidden costs and the risks to your company’s IT assets. Having WTCG perform a technical assessment will help you make decisions in how to save money, improve efficiencies, and prevent loss of productivity.

Getting Results

Throughout the analysis, we work together to discuss your concerns and goals. My process gives you the ability to quickly and dynamically respond to your user community with IT services and infrastructure that you feel suit your business need.

How I Work

Together, we establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the expected output (your goals).

Then we implement the plan and execute the process. We also collect data for analysis in the steps to follow (Check and Adjust).

We study the actual results and compare them against the expected results to determine any differences. This step involves the holistic approach of meeting the corporation’s needs as well as each individual’s needs and satisfaction levels.

Lastly, we take any corrective actions needed and together we look forward to determine where to apply changes that will include process improvements over time.

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