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Client Testimonials
I want to really thank William for restoring my computer! I messed it up trying to mix it myself but he is wonderful and knows exactly what he is doing. He is extremely efficient and does it with great timing. You will always be my computer guy now and forever!

LaRecco Robinson, Raymond, MS
I was a customer of Will the Computer Guy. This guy did such a A+ job on my computer. I would recommend him to anyone with computer error problems or computer stuff in general..Thanks for the wonderful job "William The Computer Guy."

Sekou Taylor, Jackson, MS
Awesome job, when I had software issues with my computer I knew one guy I could count on to getting me back up and running @thecomputerguy

Mike Shackleford, Jackson, MS
ATTENTION: if your having computer issues, please see William The Computer Guy. Great work done here.

Darrien Douglas, Columbus, OH
Good work and quick time get in touch with him.

Russian A Don, Nashville, TN

“Let me tell you the truth. he is very professional and will fix your computer with no problem at all. this is a guy that is about his biz. give him a chance like i did.. you want regret it at all do believe.. ciao.”

T.J., Jackson, MS

I let William repair my computer and it works like it has never worked before. I feel that he is awesome and I would recommend him to anyone.

Turkesha Washington, Yazoo City, MS

I recently enrolled in an online class and my computer decided to take a crash course! I'm ashamed to say, I contacted several other computer guys first and their answers for me was that my 2006 Dell laptop computer was the problem. Each one said that I should purchase a new computer. Also, it would cost me more to restore it than it's worth. I contacted William the Computer Guy to discuss my computer issues. He explained exactly what he was going to do to revitalize my computer. In less than 36 hours, he called me to pick-up my computer. He gave me pointers on how to store my files, music and documents the correct way. I am elated to report that William have my computer working like new and I have already begun recommending him to other potential clients. Thanks for being a true professional in your craft and for going above and beyond my computer problems!

Germone Hughes, Jackson, MS
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